Welcome to the home of COBA, QUADRO, MyRIAD and SAR, software tools provided by Highways England's Transport Planning Group (TPG) - formerly known as Traffic Appraisal Modelling and Economics (TAME) - maintained and supported by Mott MacDonald. Users can request free downloads of the latest versions of the software by following the link on the relevant software pages.

Manuals for all four software tools can be downloaded directly from the User Manuals section.

Please see below for the current software versions. The COBA, QUADRO and MyRIAD versions are consistent with TAG July 2021. The SAR version is consistent with TAG November 2021.

Software Current version TAG Databook
COBA COBA2021 July 2021
QUADRO QUADRO2021 July 2021
MyRIAD MyRIAD2021 July 2021
SAR SAR2022 November 2021